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About Adriana Vaughan
with Permanent Cosmetique USA


Adriana Vaughan, has been in the permanent makeup business since 1989, training students and performing procedures such as permanent lip liner/color, eyebrows and eyeliner, areola restoration, and scar camouflage, specializing in the natural look. All clients’ needs are met individually and customized for their unique beauty.

Adriana received her education from the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics, in Arlington, Texas. She is the founder of Permanent Cosmetique USA.

Certifications include:

-- Master Certified
The Masters Certification Program proves that I can demonstrate experience as a permanent cosmetics technician. This hands-on certification and industry-recognized credential, certifies that I am an aesthetic and technical leader in the field of permanent cosmetics.

-- Instructor Certified
Only available to AIIC Certified Masters (or equivalent), this training in the excellence of permanent cosmetics allows me to educate and motivate others in the permanent cosmetics industry.

-- Paramedical Professional Certified
The AIIC Paramedical Professional Program is a series of four powerful specialty workshops designed for permanent cosmetics professionals who wish to enhance their skills and education in paramedical applications. I am certified to perform paramedical applications such as: Beautiful Breasts, Alopecia Art and Hairline Applications, Skin and Scar Solutions, and Vitiligo Variables.


Permanent Cosmetique USA
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